Sligo Cycling Campaign launches ‘1.5 metres Please’ campaign with Sligo County Council

Sligo Cycling Campaign recently launched a local “1.5 metres please” campaign in cooperation with Sligo County Council, local bike shops and the national Stayin’ Alive at 1.5 campaign.

The Mayor of Sligo, Cllr Marie Casserly, launched the local distribution of 500 rear windscreen stickers.

The Sligo Cycling Campaign said: “The stickers aim to raise awareness amongst drivers of the need to allow adequate space when overtaking a cyclist. This was the Mayor’s first official engagement in City Hall since her election and Joan Swift, secretary of Sligo Cycling Campaign told the assembled guests that it was a great honour for the campaign that the Mayor, herself a keen cyclist, had agreed to launch the stickers.

They are available free to members of the public, in City Hall, County Council Reception Riverside, Sligo County Library and all Sligo bike shops. This is thanks to the decision by Sligo County Council to support the 1.5 initiative as part of this year’s Bike Week.”

Sligo Cycling Campaign obtained the template for the sticker from Wexford-based cyclist Phil Skelton, who runs Stayin Alive at 1.5, which is campaign for the introduction of a legal requirement to give 1.5m of space when overtaking a cyclist.

The Sligo campaign added: “The Mayor is already very familiar with the 1.5 m Campaign as last year, thanks to her initiative; Sligo County Council followed a number of other local authorities in adopting large decals to promote the 1.5 message on a number of council vehicles. The printing and distribution of the windscreen stickers for Sligo motorists is the next stage in awareness-raising.

The Mayor spoke about the importance of the campaign and thanked Phil Skelton its initiator. She also thanked Sligo Cycling Campaign for distributing the stickers in Sligo. The Mayor said that she hopes to build on the success of the campaign so far and to announce further 1.5 initiatives in the course of her year in office.”

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