workkSmarter Travel Workplaces is a public awareness programme working with large employers to implement voluntary workplace travel plans. A growing number of Irish employers are engaging in Smarter Travel, working with their employees to facilitate travel choice in favour of more sustainable transport, resulting in reduced costs, enhanced employee wellbeing, better access and more effective parking management.

If your organisation would like to find out more about implementing a workplace travel plan, you’ll find some useful resources on this site, as well as Partner Success Stories and information on the Partner Package from Smarter Travel Workplaces.

Get Involved

Would you like to get your workplace involved in cycling challenges or encouraging more of your team to cycle to work? Here are some ideas:

  • Allocate special days of the week or month to cyling to work
  • Take part in the 2017 Cycle Challenge

Cycle to Work Scheme

For information on purchasing a tax-free bike through the Cycle to Work scheme, contact HR in your organisation, a local bike supplier, or have a look at the Revenue Commissioners Information